About us

Izmir Chamber of Commerce founded in 1885 has a long history in the business life of both Izmir and Turkey.

Izmir Chamber of Commerce has more that 50.000 registered members and is the second largest Chamber in Turkey. It is an obligation to be a member for every established company. The members of the Chamber are classified into 69 Professional Committees. Each Committee consists of 5 to 7 elected members and these people choose 2 representatives from their Committee for the Assembly of the Chamber. The Assembly of the Chamber consists of 138 members who choose 1 President and 2 Vice Presidents and 8 Executive Board Members. Term of office of the Assembly is 4 years while that of the Executive Board is 2 years.

Main Functions of the Chamber
To strengthen professional ethics and to develop trade according to general interest.

To compile information and news concerning trade and forward them to the related people.

To conduct necessary research concerning trade, to compile statistics about industrial and commercial activities in the region.

To arrange and ratify the commercial documents as indicated in the Chambers Act 55901 and related regulations, to issue Certificates of Origin.

To make suggestions to the Ministries, Provinces and Municipalities about the issues concerning professional activities.

To define the professional rules to be followed by the businessmen.

To organize local or regional exhibits, to participate to national and international fairs.

When asked for, to act as an arbitrator in commercial agreements.

To arrange professional training courses.

The Aegean region is in a strong position with its 6000 industrial and 100.000 commercial facilities, its contribution of 30 billion dollars to GNP, its port capacity realizing 18-20% of the export-import volume of the country, its organized zones and free zone.

Moreover, Izmir has an important financing potential with its annual saving tendency of 74% and the second most-intensive banking transactions after the Marmara Region.

Administrative Structure of the Chamber
The services of the chamber are delivered by the units determined by the relevant regulations. These units are as follows:

- Secretary General (representative of the executive board)
- Assistant Secretary General
- Departments
- Quality Coordinator
- Advisors

Department of Training, Research and Implementation.

Department of President's Affairs Sub-department of Press and PR.

Department of Personnel Adm. Aff. Sub-department of Personnel.

Department of Financial Affairs Sub-department of accountancy.

Department of Commercial Transactions.

Department of Registry Sub-department of registration.

Department of Research and Professional Development.

Department of Foreign Economic Relations.

Department of Information and Documentation.

Data Processing.